Career laboratory for youths – Find your inner self

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October 11, 2019
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Career laboratory for youths – Find your inner self

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Are you standing at crossroads wondering what your next step should be after you graduate high school? If yes, just let us share with you those interesting facts regarding the key role of the career orientation process:

  • A coherent system for providing career services in Bulgaria is not well developed yet.
  • According to recent studies, there is a significant lack of communication between business and public education (career centres in schools/universities).
  • Internship and mentor programmes for students are organised mainly by the business.
  • Career days, as well as job fairs, are happening only twice a year.
  • The topic had been acknowledged at the local, national and European level, and different policies had been developed.
  • Most initiatives by different organisations are project-based and suffer from a lack of sustainability.
The OECD review (2004) provides a clear guideline: ‘Policies should assume that all people need career decision-making skills and career self-management skills, and that everybody needs access to high quality, impartial career information. Accordingly, the first priorities for policy-makers should be systems that develop skills and systems that provide information’ (p. 139)

As a consequence of all mentioned above, most citizens require support for their career path planning, in order to choose the most appropriate sphere of development, to make a well-informed choice regarding their formal education, as well as to manage the transition from education to the labour market. Based on our multi-level experience, CATRO has summarised its best practices and instruments by establishing a coherent and holistic career counselling programme that is specially adapted for youths between 16 and 24 years. Our concept could be carried out at 3 different levels:

  • Personal – individual career counselling sessions.
  • Group – open training events and workshops.
  • Networking career events – they can give you the opportunity to meet your future employer, to find a mentor or to start an internship.

CATRO career counselling approach for youths consists of 3 main pillars:


  • Inherent capabilities that allow progress and improvement very fast. Implementation is achieved lightly, with no apparent effort.
  • Strengths, qualities and tasks that are realised with high productivity and efficiency – we are going to use proven instruments such as Strengths finder, Holland 6 types, Neuro-Agility assessment, etc.
  • Areas for improvement, capabilities, self-reflection on the feedback by our family and friends – realistic picture of oneself.


  • Tasks and activities, which the person is performing with great pleasure and levity, topic or area that he/she is really curious about.
  • Our values and motivators – our main drivers at work which will ensure that we will be satisfied at the workplace. We are going to investigate our inner self through case studies, work in pairs, exciting stimulations, etc. We are going to use state of the art theoretical models of Jurgen Appelo and Ken Robinson.
  • You are going to find your element – your unique combination of personal qualities, interests and your inner passion.


  • Once the decision is made, you can seek assistance from our career consultant experts as they can help you achieve your goal, by setting concrete steps.
  • Together we are going to create an individual plan for career development consisted of important elements that are going to ensure your success, such as: needed career skills to acquire, actual information about the labour market trends and demands, economic situation, top employers in the sector, and any other relevant to the process information.
  • As an added value, the process of creating the career map will foster your planning and prioritising skills, proactiveness, critical thinking and you will build a crucial habit for the future – the so-called SMART goal-setting method.

Why our approach is different?

We are not looking for the universal recipe, we are only going to create the appropriate conditions for the “egg hatching”. We are ready to challenge you, but we have to warn you that the process is in your hands – we will provoke your self-reflection and self-awareness in each step of the way. We are going to be explorers with an enhanced sensibility towards ourselves and towards others, we are going to find answers together.


If you want to join the programme, contact us for more information about upcoming events or get your first career session for free!

Author: Stephany Kostova – Consultant at CATRO Bulgaria