Employee Assistance Programme “New perspectives”

Guided by our mission of supporting the personal and organisational development of people within organisations, the CATRO Bulgaria team has developed a new Employee Assistance Programme for our clients in addition to trainings, coaching and organisational consulting. The Employee Assistance Programme:

The Employee Assistance Programme:

  • offers psychological support for the EMPLOYEES and their families
  • is paid by the EMPLOYER
  • works for improving the atmosphere within the ORGANISATION and enhancing its success.

The programme includes various measures for psychological consulting and emotional sup-port for both the employees and their families for the purposes of overcoming personal diffi-culties, problems at work, as well as for personal development. These could be individual psychological consultations, group interventions, interactive webinars, and mediation services. Psychological care for the employees becomes an integral part of the social benefit package of every socially responsible company, acting additionally to care for the physical health and enhancing the general well-being, internal balance and satisfaction of the employees.

The use of an EAP:

increases the motivation, satisfaction and productivity of employees and enables them to develop better relations within the organisation, as well as having a beneficial effect on the working process

enables employees to work on their own well-being (while maintaining confidentiality

helps them receive fast and efficient support for building psychological resilience (from specialists in different areas of psychological and organisational consulting)

trains them on adopting ways of managing stress and anxiety and on regaining the feeling of control

creates the feeling of a community and improves the organisational climate

What does our EAP include?

Individual meetings

Individual meetings are designed for offering psychological support according to the needs of the employees while guaranteeing confidentiality and anonymity. The specialists of CATRO are experienced in a variety of psychological paradigms, including the psychodynamic par-adigm, psychodrama, gestalt therapy, positive psychotherapy, existential psychological con-sulting, transactional analysis, NLP, and coaching.

Group interventions

The programme includes up to 3 meetings for group organisational and psychological assis-tance, depending on recent or older problems that have created an obstacle for the work pro-cess. The meetings can be held in-person or online. They include various areas of psycholog-ical work, including:

  • interpersonal conflicts and relational problems between employees
  • crisis intervention in the organisation in case of forceful circumstances;
  • improving personal and/or organisational life


The Employee Assistance Programme includes interactive webinars on topics related to recent challenges. It is possible to adapt certain details and places of focus within the content. The interactivity of the webinars is guaranteed through various methods for engaging the par-ticipants, such as self-reflection questions, working in small groups, discussions, etc. Some examples of the topics included in the programme are:

  • Managing stress, anxiety and burnout in times of crisis
  • How to retain our balance as leaders in times of crisis
  • Change – crossing the threshhold into the unknown
  • Hope and orientation in crisis conditions


The programme also includes meetings for mediation and ways to resolve conflicts and diffi-culties in organisational communication. The number of meetings is based on the actual needs of the company.

Evaluating the effectiveness of the programme

Because a considerable part of the measures encompassed by the programme represent sensitive personal information and cannot be shared to third parties, the participating compa-nies will be presented with general reports. These reports will include the number of partici-pants in the webinars, the number of consultations that took place and a general analysis of the topics addressed therein, allowing the identification of the problems causing the most con-siderable stress and discomfort to the employees.

Implementation forms

Flexible ways of paying for the programme are available – both the standard yearly subscrip-tion for all employees and a shorter three-month subscription allowing for the testing of some parts of the services offered.