CSR programmes for companies

CATRO Bulgaria is among the few HR consultancy companies in Bulgaria, who has developed a clear and coherent Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. There are various and numerous groups of people in need, whom we are reaching to and supporting through our psychological and career counselling, empowerment and job matching services. You can learn more about these groups in our section CSR activities.

If you belong to those type of companies, who care not only about the well-being of their employees and their families but also about the society and the socio-economic and socio-cultural environment in which we grow our children and shape their future, then you can trust us to create together meaningful CSR projects involving your employees.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased people involvement and engagement in the company’s activities
  • Improved employer branding image for potential candidates as a socially responsible company
  • Valuable contribution on a regular basis (and not campaign based) to the well-being of socially disadvantaged groups
  • Improved communication, presentation and sales/negotiation skills of your employees
  • Establishment of long-term partnerships between corporate and NGO sector which has a greater impact on the society as a whole
  • Friendship building, increased feeling of happiness and belongingness to something much more meaningful than our own personal satisfaction

CATRO experts use а proven approach in order to support organisations and their employees in contributing to their sustainable and social development goals, to discover more about themselves, to enhance teamwork and to develop their employee potential.

Based on а tailor-made and modular concept, companies can choose the programme which best fits their needs and their CSR policy:

T4S Basic

We assist you in finding the appropriate Non-profit organisation that suits your objectives and design, due to our broad network. Furthermore, we will plan and organise your CSR team building activities in collaboration with the social organisations.

T4S Advanced

This programme enables companies to explore and improve their professional environment in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It consists of individual employee projects at the workplace, based on an innovative concept (“SDG-fit”)


Through blended learning and development approach this option contains:

  • 1-day introductory/follow-up workshops
  • 5-day internship (internal or external)
  • Validation of the Competences gained during the team-building activities