The CATRO specialists in Bulgaria combine knowledge and experience with specific funding programs in Bulgaria including the EU Structural Funds, The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007- 2013, Erasmus+ (2014-2020) and other European programs (EEA grants, Norway and Swiss programme etc.), by following the requirements of international quality standards in planning and project management.

Our work is based on a systematic approach: the planning and development of each project proposal is inextricably linked to the corporate development vision, requirements and expectations of the companies we work with.

This requires at the same time close cooperation between the partners who are involved in the planning, preparation and implementation of projects based on high professional and ethical standards as honesty, loyalty, fidelity and accuracy in the fulfilment of commitments, and of course confidentiality concerning entrusted information.

The EU project consulting services of CATRO Bulgaria combine the experts’ local know-how and international expertise as the company is a member of the European network bridges to europe.

Bridges to Europe is a professional network that builds:

  • Bridges to EU funds
  • Show you ways to finance your project through EU funding programmes and funds from other international organisations.

  • Bridges to partners in Europe
  • Through its European network, it provides you with partners who are best suited to your project.

  • Bridges to successful EU projects
  • Support your current EU projects in a highly professional manner, dealing with critical aspects like project management and communication, quality assurance and evaluation, dissemination and exploitation of project results.

  • Bridges "over troubled water"
  • Should things go wrong, our 'project clinic' service provides the appropriate first aid. It gives you quick-response support in project crises with its consultancy offer and its long-standing experience with project partners and funders.

  • Bridges to new opportunities
  • Participation in EU projects often causes positive side effects and spin-offs like making new contacts, generating fresh ideas, or exploration of new fields of activities and markets. Make use of network know-how to profit as much as possible from your EU project.