We live in dynamic times of constant change, which also causes a very rapidly changing business environment.

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So how does this constant dynamic and change influence the organisations we work for? Where does the change happen and what type of consequences does it cause? How can we manage this change and turn it into an advantage? And what if the change is not a one-time event, but a continuous process instead?

Our Change Management Consultants will help you find answers to these questions.

Not simply answers, but YOUR answers, because change is something unique for every organisation and we do not believe in universal solutions.

Our perspective on Change Management:

At CATRO Bulgaria we believe that constantly changing context is not something negative, it only means continuously created opportunities – so our experts are here to help you discover these newly opened doors!

Our approach?

  • Science based - closely related to the most recent developments in this complex matter
  • Thorough - involves all organisational levels
  • Towards continuous organisational learning and adaptability
A glimpse behind the curtains: “The Road to Organisational Change”

Our goal as experts in Organisational Consulting is to help you be more aware of how a change to one part of the organisational system affects the other parts and the overall performance as well. We aim to guide you through the critical path that will not only provoke an organisational change, but will also affecting performance.

The road to the Organisational Change begins with four key elements pivotal to a real transformational change. Catch a glance over the following paragraphs to learn more about these four factors understanding to what extent they could be competently managed and influenced with the support of the CATRO Experts.

Key elements to a real transformational change

External Environment – the one and single factor that you cannot influence, but you can learn to read it and adapt to it.

  • CATRO can help you identify and analyse the complex variety of external factors that play major influential role on your business.
  • We would also identify who are the multiple stakeholders for your organisation and what type of influence would they impose on your entity.
Mission and Strategy – these key elements of the transformational change are completely in your hands. Please bear in mind that change does not always come from the outside. Even small changes in the organisational mission and strategy could provoke resistance if their effect gets underestimated and they are not communicated properly.

  • Our experienced organisational consultants are there to support you in communicating clearly your mission and strategy in times of change, so that you can remain competitive, without harming the trust and diminishing the engagement of your employees.
  • We also strive to remain that critical observer, who can offer you a benchmark in your industry, pointing out whether there is a need for more flexibility and adaptation of your plans.
Leadership – We do find wisdom in the words of Elrod and Tippett, that “the art of leadership is the art of guiding others through change”. The leadership workshops and measures are crucially important steps towards minimising the resistance and increasing the acceptance on all organisational levels.

  • Therefore, we help you realise which of the leadership competences are the most effective in times of change.
  • We foster these in your key leading figures through workshops and individual counselling and coaching.
  • Not only that, but we adapt these leadership development measures according to the specifics of the organisational change, since each change process requires different set of leadership behaviours.
  • In addition, we consider the individual level of change management, supporting your leadership in identifying change agents when developing of their strategy for awareness raising regarding the change process among their subordinates.
  • CATRO will first and foremost help you transfer the organisational change to your leadership team ensuring their acceptance, straightening their ownership feeling in the upcoming change process.

To put it in a nutshell, we make sure that the spark of the change gets caught at the top of your organisation.

Organisational Culture – The organisational culture is that powerful unsaid set of beliefs, values and assumptions, shared by the majority of the employees. It is one of the strongest links between employer and employee, also correlated to such important factors like creativity, innovation, collaboration, leadership and flexibility in the organisation.
In terms of organisational change, it is good to know, that your culture can both impede and enhance the change of your organisation. Even the best business strategy and the most effective organisational structure could not really make a long-lasting positive difference in your organisational performance if they are implemented in a converse organisational culture.
Furthermore, a gap between the culture desired by your employees and the one currently experienced in your organisation might cause frustration, demotivation and lower organisational commitment

  • In CATRO we have proven track record using reliable diagnostic tools that give you a clear bird-view of the size of gap between desired and current culture with information regarding the underlying factors that cause it. Based on diagnostic CATRO experts will provide you with professional analysis of the results and link them to the key performance indicators of your business.
  • Our consultants could also inform you and your whole management team regarding the benefits and the potential downsides of each culture type.
  • We will also be happy to support you in the successful transition from current to desired culture - a culture that best suits your current business environment.
These were the key elements for a transformational change and we will be glad to tell you more about the ways we can support you in ensuring a successful transformational change in your organisation through these elements. Take into consideration that, this is a more complex picture than just launching the change and it is the instrument sound which will be impacting your overall organisational performance, please make sure to book time for discussion with our experts HEREto learn more about these intriguing next steps, that would ensure that the change would be meaningful.

Our CATRO Expertise lies especially in:

Organisational consulting in times of planned organisational change (typically before the launch)

Organisational consulting during an ongoing change process

Expert support during
- culture change
- structural change
- unplanned and unprecedented change in the external business environment

Change Management training for key change agents

Development and coordination of Awareness raising informational campaigns in times of change incl. facilitation of change launch workshops

Audit / process evaluation after implementation of a certain organisational change.

If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.

Kurt Lewin