CATRO Bulgaria has a rich expertise in developing and facilitating Assessment Centers, which are considered to be one of the most effective tools for comprehensive analysis of an employee by focusing on predicting their future work performance results. The Assessment Centres conducted by CATRO enable companies to test their TOP candidates for an important position on multiple job-related dimensions. The approach requires the candidate to pass through many different work-related situations, which would enable a demonstration of relevant behaviour, outlined from a set of key competences for a concrete job profile such as leadership skills, communication skills, conflict management, etc.

Why Assessment Centres?

Let's hear the evidences talk:


  • It has been proven to be one of the fairest assessment tools, that does not disproportionally reject a particular group e.g. man or women, minorities etc.
  • It has been perceived as fair by the candidates themselves
  • It has positive impact on the feedback acceptance, that influences the positive image of the recruiting organisation

Prediction of future performance:

  • It facilitates the prediction of your future employees' job performance over and above tools like IQ and personality tests
  • It has been proven to predict up to 30-40% of the future job

Prediction of other important organisational variables:

  • It has been proven to enhance person-organisation fit
  • It is has been used to measure observable behaviour, directly linked to the job success

Our approach

The stages of the Assessment Centres are following a systematic approach managed by CATRO’s experts aimed at provoking demonstration of large variety of both: strengths and weaknesses possessed by evaluated candidates, which could appear later on in the real work environment:
CATRO Bulgaria provides full expertise during the whole preparation and implementation of the Assessment Centres by assisting the client in all of the above mentioned stages – from definition of the key competences for the a specific position; through the design and adaptation of the most suitable multiple elements (psychometric tests, behavioural interview, in-basket exercises, case studies, role playing, etc.); closing the process with conduction of the Assessment Centre and elaboration of comprehensive individual assessment reports.

In order to achieve maximum objectivity in the analysis of the observed behaviour, each participant in the Assessment Centre has been monitored by at least two evaluators from CATRO, of which at least one psychologist. The report, prepared after the summary of all the appraisers has been generated, provides a detailed analysis of the assessed competences, including recommendations for further development. The CATRO experts will support you in the important process of providing feedback to all evaluated applicants.