The Career Counselling is a process in which the CATRO experts provide assistance in accordance to the needs, attitudes and personal characteristics of the client to identify meaningful and satisfying career.

The expertise that CATRO Bulgaria offers in this process is not bound by offering ready-made solutions or sweeping conclusions on behalf of our clients, instead it is a process driven by their skills, knowledge and capabilities. It allows us to work together, finding career path and scope for professional growth that meets the professional and personal goals of the customers. We in CATRO support young graduates during their entry to the professional world as well as experts and managers, looking for career revitalisation.

For this purpose, we provide a program for career development that consists of four steps/phases.

  • Step 1 – Preliminary diagnostic - defines the strengths, weaknesses, professional and personal goals of the client
  • Step 2 – Career Counselling - the experts at CATRO Bulgaria offer a series of career advices and practical exercises that will guide the client in different direction in his or her professional path
  • Step 3 – Career Coaching - completes the Career Counselling as a catalyst for starting a change process driven by promoting self-reaching of the client’s goal
  • Step 4 – Еvaluation of the effectiveness - is crucial part of the process, which provides another glimpse into the client’s development and further need for improvement

Programme for youths – “Pathway to my future career”

Based on our experience through the years we have created a special programme adapted for the needs and specifics of youths between 16-21 years. We can support them in finding their unique combination by empathising on key elements such as strengths and capabilities, values and passion. Following one of the most inspiring visionaries of the 21st century, Ken Robinson, the psychologist who has the willingness to transform the Education all over the world through creativity and perseverance, we challenge you to dive in an exciting adventure towards yourself.

Furthermore, we are preparing a tailor-made individual plan for professional development, taking into account the constantly changing environment and needed skillset for different sectors. Together with our client, we line concrete steps and deadlines (SMART goals) for achieving the desired career.

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