CATRO executive search service is based on our systematic approach, which encompasses the following stages:

What distinguishes us:

  • Professional expertise, in-depth knowledge of the local market and specialization in various industries such as production, transport and logistic, finance and insurance, retail, and medical devices
  • Open and transparent communication with our clients in order to understand and meet client’ needs and expectations and to build trustful relationship
  • We design a customised Executive Search strategy for each client to address the organizational and industry specifics, strictly following confidentiality and work ethics
  • We dare to think and act out of the box, while approaching candidates in different professional groups, business associations, social media and other channels
  • We put a strong focus on the employer-branding image of our clients, supporting them in highlighting their competitive advantages as an employer on the labour market
  • We care about the professional communication with the candidates and building trustful relationships with them, as they are our clients, too!
  • We do use various online tools to enable flexible communication and interview process with the candidates
  • We provide additional professional and personality assessment based on proven science based methods:
  • Neuro Agility Profile™ Advanced+ - unique neuroscience-based assessment of our potential to out-learn, out-create and out-perform

    • Leadership Style Assessment (LSA)

    • Professional assessment of key competences through Assessment and Development Centers, and partnership with key experts in different industries