Finding the right employees is a multi-level process requiring broad experience and knowledge of the specific market. Our search methodology is based on: understanding of the client’s needs, precise profile definition, and application of multiple channels for addressing the right candidates until a final selection of the most appropriate professionals has been made.

Our search and selection practices include:

  • Job profile definition and design of the advertisement campaign.
  • Identification and activation of communication channels for potential candidates’ attraction – job portals, social media, professional networks, etc.
  • Profound research of our international CATRO database of candidates incl. candidates with disabilities and with a migrant background.
  • Headhunting as a solution for positions where the talent pool is smaller and proactive S&S strategy has to be applied.
  • Preselection via telephone interviews focusing on the candidates’ motivation for the position and main job requirements.
  • Conduction of competence-based, semi-structured interviews for analysis and evaluation of applicants.
  • Additional integration of assessment elements for diagnostics of the candidates’ competencies such as the test Job Fit Quest, Neuro Agility test, etc.
  • Preparation of professional profile of every approved candidate.
  • Provide a quality guarantee for our search and selection services, as we aspire to establish and maintain sustainable and long-term partnerships with the people and organisations we work with.
The most valuable service we provide in all of our consulting projects is our flexibility. CATRO Bulgaria has professional standards that are aligned to the clients’ specifics so that every step of our recruitment approach can be modified and enhanced by new techniques and practices relevant for the concrete industry of the recruitment project, as well as updated to the latest technological developments, social media, etc. The main purpose is to find the right professionals for our customers and the right employer for our candidates.

We are COURAGEOUS to try new search and selection approaches and be open and transparent towards companies and candidates in every step of the recruitment process. This core CATRO value has helped us to achieve numerous successful recruitment projects and to establish trust with all stakeholders involved.