The new era of Neuroscience

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How to unleash people’s potential and increase the sustainable competitiveness of your organisation?

The world is rapidly changing and information is now more than doubling every two years. One edition of the New York Times contains more information than people in the seventeenth century were exposed to in their entire lifetime!

The only way for people and organisations to sustain their competitive advantage in this rapidly changing world is to increase their capacity to out-think, out-learn, out-create and outperform their competition. Thinking, learning and creativity involve cognitive ability and emotional intelligence. This makes brain-based power the number one determining factor for success in this millennium, putting issues like brain potential optimisation at the centre of people and organisational development.

As consultants, we are striving to develop people potential and the overall organisational environment of our clients, and one of the pathways that helps us to achieve this aim is Neuroscience. This striving for new inspirations for our own personal and professional growth met us with Dr. André Vermeulen, CEO of Neuro-Link, one of the most distinguished experts in the neuroscience of learning and performance optimization and neuro-agility.

Dr. Vermeulen has developed a multi-dimensional framework to assess people’s neuro-agility potential which means our mental flexibility of how quickly and easily we access and utilise all learning and thinking functions of our whole brain. This, in its turn, enables us to solve more effectively complex problems and to make smart decisions even in new and stressful situations. Using the neuro-agility framework that Dr. Vermeulen developed to assess individual and organisational neuro-agility fills a gap that has not been addressed yet. It translates the complexity of a large bulk of academic and empirical work in the field of neuroscience, learning, and performance, to easy-to-grasp and understand neurological and brain optimization drivers, which everyone of us can easily relate to. This conceptual framework provides professionals like us – trainers, coaches and managers a new, fresh, neuroscience approach on how to:

  • identify and develop talent
  • maximise the impact of the on-boarding programmes
  • improve employee performance and engagement
  • reduce the risk for human error
  • develop better team communication and dynamics
  • reduce levels of attrition and absenteeism
and all of this by increasing the company’s return on their investment in talent selection and development, performance improvement and training significantly. Not at last place, Neuro-Agility encompassed 5 of the top 10 skills 2020 defined by the World Economic Forum, like cognitive flexibility, learning agility, creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving. Skills, which are vital for the sustainable development in any organisation nowadays.

During the certification process, our team has seen the added value of Neuroscience and Neuro-agility in all of the above-mentioned areas and we are proud to announce that since September 2019 we are the official Country Business Partner of Neuro-Link Europe for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. This new pathway in our expertise allows us to expand further the added value of Neuroscience and its impact on the development of people and organisations.

If you are interested to learn how the Neuro-agility assessment works and how your organisation can benefit from incorporating Neuroscience in your organisational initiatives – do not hesitate to contact us now.

If you want to become a certified Neuro-agile Practitioner to expand your client proposition and internal training and development opportunities, sign in the 3-month course that will take the following steps:

  • Your own neuro-agility profile with debriefing video
  • Initial pre-course training – on-line learning platform containing workbooks and videos
  • 4 webinars and a face-to-face workshop
  • 2 free neuro-agility profile tokens for your clients or colleagues with debrief support
  • Ongoing support from your local Country Partner CATRO Bulgaria ( and Neuro-Link Europe (
  • Annual European Conference – Country delegation

Be among the first Neuro-agility practitioners in your region: Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus at unique promotional price. For further information please contact the CEO of CATRO Bulgaria, Anelia Dimitrova at