The Power of Empowerment

In times of constant change organisations need to continuously adapt their strategy to the changing business environment, where workforce with suitable expertise becomes scarce and routine tasks are replaced with complex projects and frequently changing requirements - the complex task to remain competitive grows immensely.

Is there an answer to all these challenges?

Something that increases the flexibility and innovation potential of our people, makes them more satisfied and motivated, encourages initiative, raises the level of optimism and improves the learning and the group development?

No, we did not find a miracle.

We found EMPOWERMENT – organisational phenomenon, shown to be linked to all the above listed ‘superpowers’ that we need in order to remain competitive and successful in times of change.

Graphic: The Power of Empowerment

Graphic: The Power of  Empowerment

CATRO is the first organisational consultancy in Bulgaria that conducts scientifically based diagnostic and development programmes for Empowerment and Empowering Leadership.

The topic of EMPOWERMENT was the core of the discussion during the Summer Edition of the CATRO SYNERGY TIME*.

During the event, results were presented, that show empowered employees as more motivated, efficient, creative, persistent, engaged and innovative. Тhey are known to be more self-determined and confident in their competences, have feeling of IMPACT and feeling of MEANING in what they do.

But Empowerment is something individual and very subjective, strongly rooted in the perceptions of each employee and in the overall organisational culture. The main speakers of CATRO Synergy Time Event - the General Managers of the first two companies that have piloted the innovative approach of “Empowering Leadership” in Bulgaria – presented their Case Studies and the reasons why they chose Empowering Leadership as a way to increase the level of Empowerment of their employees.

Empowering Leadership

Behind this leadership style hides no magical recipe, just a proven and tested combination of key leadership behaviours, that can successfully be trained and developed. The key to success, as discovered by the companies, who have already implemented this leadership model, is the awareness about the effectiveness of these leadership practices and their targeted and conscious implementation. And what makes Empowering Leadership such a desired and effective leadership style, is that it directly influences the level of:

  • Subjectively perceived empowerment of the employees
  • Their creativity
  • Job satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Work effort

Tested in a variety of industries, Empowering Leadership shows a stable, strong causal relationship to perceived empowerment, so it could be considered one of the most effective practices that could increase the level of empowerment in an organisation. Тhe first groups of managers, trained in this topic in Bulgaria, have also shared positive feedback about its practical value, its link to the personal development of each leader and its clear and logical nature. The trainees also valued the advantage of having visible results of the levels of Empowering Leadership in the organisation, provided through the Empowerment Diagnostic conducted by CATRO. The Top Management also shares that after the empowerment diagnostics and the first trainings, the new middle managers are realising their position and role modelling function.

Our superpower to help you empower

Want to learn more about our superpower to help you empower – with Informational Campaign for your employees, Empowerment Diagnostic, Training Modules for both leaders AND for the employees, Individual consulting and Coaching and optimisation of organisational processes for increase of Empowerment? Reach out to us and join the pioneer group of Empowering Companies in Bulgaria!

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Author: Olga Mineva, Senior Consultant in CATRO and passionate ambassador of Empowerment