Our services encompass:

  • Leadership coaching - aims at developing individual capacity for inspiring and influencing people, strategic decision-making and change management
  • Performance coaching – support in establishing high goals, overcoming psychological barriers that block achieving and learning to be proactive, persistent and accountable
  • Team effectiveness coaching – developing teams as systems of highly motivated individuals with common identity, shared responsibility for direction and results, and drive for success

Projects can comprise:

  • Individual leadership or performance coaching for senior- and middle level managers - tailored coaching plans based on identified individual needs and aspirations, transparency in initial agreements with coaching sponsors, flexibility in delivering sessions and confidentiality of the coaching process.
  • Team coaching - tailored programs on aligning teams with corporate vision, mission and goals, building strong culture, handling conflicts and learning to constructively manage relationships, developing high productivity and morale.
  • Coaching skills training for managers - training programmes designed to support managers in learning how to lead employees by empowering them and developing the next management generation in their companies.

Our coaches are trained by internationally recognised coach training institutes and have their credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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