The Coaching is among the most efficient measures for boosting individual and team potential nowadays, as it is proven to deliver up to 600% measurable and sustainable results, aligning individual and corporate goals.

Our services encompass:

  • Leadership and Performance Coaching for individuals – identifying needs, establishing coaching goals and providing trusted support in overcoming difficulties and achieving results.
  • Team Effectiveness Coaching – aligning teams with corporate values and goals, building up a constructive team culture and encouragement of shared leadership.
  • Coaching skills training for managers - training programmes designed to support managers in learning how to lead employees by empowering them and developing the next management generation in their companies.

The individual coaching is a process of structured one-to-one sessions, aiming at creating a trustful relationship with the client, which enables authentic presence, the courage to embrace the challenges, learning from one’s own mistakes, further development of the talents and strengths, strategy building, action plan set-up, individual empowerment and support. Тhe coach plays the role of the change catalyst for the individual Client, facilitating the process of individual journey and fostering the responsibility for actions of the Client. The coach doesn’t provide solutions but guides the Client to find them on his/her own.

The coaching process for individual leadership development is following our systemic approach for a long-term development programme and has 3 main stages:

  • Goal setting – building trust and transparency with the coach
  • Implementation - individual coaching sessions will follow the structure of the powerful GROW Model of John Whitmore
  • Evaluation and feedback – summarising the results from the coaching programme in terms of improved leadership performance, personal and professional achievements

Our coaches are trained by internationally recognised coach training institutes and have their credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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