Our Leadership Development Programme is targeting:

  • Young/newly promoted managers who need to unfold their leadership potential
  • Companies that invest in growing the Next-generation leaders in their organisations
  • Individuals who have the courage to explore in depth their leadership potential and to go beyond their limits

Our Leadership Development Programme includes carefully selected methods for pre- and post-training assessment which enable measurement of the achieved impact of the programmes, among which:

  • Individual assessment along with a coaching conversation
  • Personality tests and Neuro-Design Profiles of the participants
  • Empowering leadership surveys to get peers’, subordinates’ and management’s feedback

Our Leadership Development Programme encompasses 4-5 training modules, combined with practical tasks/assignments and webinars between them:

  • Discovering Leadership Potential
  • Effective communication and giving feedback
  • People Management and People Motivation
  • Emotional intelligence based on NeuroScience
  • Empowering Leadership and self-leadership
Our Leadership Development Programme does pay particular attention to measuring not only the “soft skills” impact of the training modules, but the overall impact on the business performance, using the carefully defined KPIs at the beginning of the programme. Are you interested in getting our tailor-made Leadership Development Programme now?