Every team building has its main focus and aim to resolve and enhance: trust, organisational and interpersonal communication, teamwork, conflict resolution within and among departments, etc. Following the systematic approach of CATRO Bulgaria, we apply prior analysis, which determines the particular focus of the team building. Based on that our experienced trainers and facilitators create team building scenario, which is tailor-made to your organisational needs, and personal preferences.

Team building projects can comprise:

Adventures team building:

Includes activities with physical and intellectual challenges that put the teams in different problematic situations, where they have to find solution under pressure with limited resources, time and money.

Exemplary types of activities:

  • overcome the obstacles of rope elements
  • cave and mountain extreme tasks
  • competitions and activities with buggies, vans, boats, ships
  • shooting with guns, bows and paintball tasks
  • tasks for survival as fires, orienteering with a compass or GPS
  • construction of an igloo, shelter
  • cooking meals with limited resources and others extreme and/or adventure-oriented activities

Treasure hunting

A team building with competitive elements that drive the participants to follow their path to the treasure overcoming many funny and intellectual challenges on the way trying to beat the other teams, realizing at the end that they are all interdependent and that only together they can find out the Secret leading to their treasure. Again, all this happens within budget and time constraints:

  • Identifying and analyzing information for various natural, cultural and historical objects specific for the local area
  • learning the local dialect, recipes, folk dance, song, local custom, craft, natural or cultural phenomenon
  • resolve coded messages and logical tasks whose correct answer leads the team to the next step on the route for the treasure – the ultimate goal, which is often common to all teams

Creative and artistic team building

The creative and artistic team building aim at development of creative fabula for your memorable team experience. It can consist in different artistic exercises such as painting, singing, acting, crafting, etc.

Exemplary types of activities:

  • "Picasso's Puzzle" – a painting that may include the corporate mission and vision and depicts the values of the company in which every puzzle part is designed individually by every team member
  • "Fashion Freaks" – interesting resources and a bit of creativeness from every team can lead to impressive fashion show at its’ end
  • Professional film shooting – Actors, camera crew, stylist, film director every team member has its role and everyone final goals are the nominations for "Oscar"
  • "The talents‘ night" – every individual has a talent, grouped into theme performance – they have their stage time and hour of fame

Corporate social responsibility team building

This type of projects aim not only at team building but also at performing of specific tasks related to environmental or social issues of the community/country. Each employee makes direct contribution and participation in the particular cause. The duration of the project could be from two days to a long-term mini-initiatives of up to 2-3 months. Each team has a particular task, bound by the company main priorities within Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Cleaning, improvement and/or reconstruction of green areas
  • Initiatives with children from orphanages villages
  • Education campaigns
  • Environmental initiatives, etc.