Welcome to our brand new website

The Power of Empowerment
August 2, 2016
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Welcome to our brand new website

It's a fact! Our new website is alive and breathing!

With this new CATRO web platform we aim to give you all the information regarding our CATRO services in Bulgaria, combined with interesting facts and graphs regarding the main HR processes in a company.

This website is something we in CATRO Bulgaria very much needed because of our special role in representing our Company Group. Here is why: In Austria CATRO Personalberatung is a synonym of over 30 years of recruitment expertise and our mother company dieBerater is famous with its hundreds of trainers and the tens of thousands of trainees, that have benefited from their services.

Well, in Bulgaria we combine these two HR paths under the brand CATRO and this website will guide you through the many directions in which we can support your organisation and the development of your personnel.

So, what’s next?

Click through! Get to know our mission, vision and values, see the faces behind CATRO Bulgaria! Learn what hides behind the curtains of Organisational Consulting ! Browse through the various types of trainings that we offer! Read more about our secret to a successful recruitment.

And get in touch!