Neuro-Agility International Certification Program

Take a step forward. Develop the potential and skills of people with tools from the future!

Conducted by CATRO Bulgaria –
authorized strategic business partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe!

Be a step ahead. Measure and develop the potential of people and organizations with tools from the future!

If you work with people at the individual or organizational level to develop their potential, talents and resilience to stress, upgrade your knowledge and practice with the state-of-the-art neuroscience-based online development tool - Neuro Agility Advance+ Profile.

It measures how an individual's brain works by examining 7 neurophysiological elements and 6 factors that influence the speed and flexibility of learning and information processing.

It has a wide application in the development of individual talents, improvement of personal effectiveness and team dynamics, productivity and commitment of employees, their well-being, and their mental health.

It predicts the probability of human errors and helps to minimize them.

Who is the Neuro-Agility Profile suitable for?

  • individual profile for adults for professional and personal growth
  • group profile that measures the specific dynamics and needs of the group, giving concrete tools for development in different directions
  • NEW: a specialized option for children between 11 and 16 years old - NAP™ Toolbox
  • NEW: specialized option for learners and students between 16 and 24 years old.

New this year are the two profiles for youth and children, which we include in the scope of the training.

NAP Toolbox and NAP Student performer tools offer the most comprehensive, multidimensional brain profile assessment of its kind for children and learners.

The purpose of the tools for children and youth is to help professionals identify the unique potential of children, as well as to help optimize processes related to concentration, learning and personal efficiency>/b>. The profile explores the 13 elements that influence the ease, speed and flexibility with which adolescents learn, think and process information. They are different from those of adults.

informed career choices and improving the skills of the future such as critical and creative thinking and problem solving. This helps young people sensibly prepare for their future and development in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Joining the certification program, you receive as a bonus in your portfolio these two versions of the Neuro-Agility questionnaire.

What languages is it available in?

It is mainly available in Bulgarian and English, with the possibility of additional languages like German, French, and others.

Upgrade your professional practice!

If you want to upgrade your HR or consulting practice with new knowledge and tools, we invite you to JOIN the fall edition of the International Neuro Agility Certification Program for Practitioners!

Registration for the fall edition is open until October 31, 2022.

Take advantage of special combinable early bird discounts until 21.10.2022!

Next Training Dates

Autumn course: November 2022 - February 2023


Learn online. Practice now!

Neuro-Agility Practitioner is an unique educational, practical and certification program in the field of personal and professional development, based on the Neuro Agility Profile Assessment™ (NAP) and Neuroscience. The program consists of:

30 hours online learning

  • 14 video modules for self-preparation with theory and practice

Neuro Agility Profile™

  • Free personal NAP profile and 3 NAP reports for practice with colleagues or clients

Online resources

  • Access to additional free materials and resources

Webinars and workshop

  • 4 practical webinars and 1 F2F workshop for individual and organisational application of NAP tool

Mentorship program

  • Exchange experience with a Personal Neuro-Agility Mentor in your professional field


  • For successfully completed training as a Neuro Agility Practitioner


  • Access to the global community of Neuro-Agility Practitioners and Neuro-Link partners

Business opportunities

  • Opportunity for joint projects with the community for the business application of the tool

Become a Neuro Agility Practitioner!

Joint the certification program and explore the most innovative, modern and science-based mechanisms for identifying and developing human potential, leadership and communication skills, creativity, methods for effective training and maintenance of well-being, mental and physical health. For all professionals who work towards the personal and professional development of people! For those that care! For individual or organisational environment!

Professionals who work with individuals for their personal and professional development (liberal professions):

  • Coaches
  • NLP Practitioners
  • Wellness experts
  • Career counsellors
  • Psychologists and Therapists

Professionals who work with individuals for their personal and professional development as part of the organisation:

  • HRs
  • Team leads
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Learning and development experts

Explore the benefits of becoming a Neuro-Agility Practitioner!

The Neuro Agility Certification programme reveals quite new perspectives for your personal and professional development. The Neuro Agility Profile Assessment™ (NAP) is an unique neuroscience based tool, which will enhance the scope and enrich your projects with individual and corporate clients. By analysing the unique neurological design on an individual and team level, you will support your clients to:

  • Identify the potential of the brain and its neuroplasticity at the individual and team level;
  • Undertake conscious career change and development according to their individual talents and strengths, reveal their barriers to information processing during stress, and build personal mechanisms to overcome them;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the induction, training and development programs through exercises and techniques to improve the brain function;
  • Increase the engagement, overall organisational climate and individual well-being through individual and team Neuro-Agility profile;
  • Improve their communication, team dynamics and synergy by using the Neuro-Agility GROUP report;
  • Make quick, accurate and precise decisions and minimize the risk of human error at the workplace;
  • Increase the mental and physical health and well-being;
  • Learn what are the factors that optimize the brain performance and how to improve its work;
  • Expand their leadership potential by exploring their talents and preferred management styles.

Meet Our NAP Certified Practitioners!

Hear the story of some of our practitioners for Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus, about their Neuro-agility journey and practice:

Start your Neuro-Agility certification journey now!

Become part of the international community of Neuro-Agility Practitioners!

The Neuro-Agility Practitioner program is a 4 months certification journey that consists in the following steps:

Online learning

  • Prior every webinar specific materials are covered as a self-learning process on the NAP platform.

Group webinars

  • 3-hours webinars led by NAP Master trainers that are focused on the practical implication of the instrument.

F2F workshop

  • 5-hours workshop focused on marketing, networking and business opportunities within the Neuro-Agility community.

Certification exam

  • Final exam combined with debrief supervision with a NAP Master trainer.

Certified NAP Master Trainers

Anelia Dimitrova

Master of Political Science, Economics and European Law, Heidelberg, Germany; Executive MBA (Human Resources Management), Sheffield University. She has specialized in organisational development and human resources consulting. Passionate neuroscience researcher with focus on employee engagement and motivation, conscious leadership, and people relationships.

Diana Nedkova-Butanska

Bachelor of Business and Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management from the University of Salford, UK. Professional focus - selection of senior and middle expert positions from different sectors; organisational consulting and corporate trainings.

Emilian Kroumov

Master degree in Organisational & Labour and Clinical & Consulting Psychology from Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski. SOVF Netherlands Certified Coaching Practitioner, EU YiA-Program Croatia Certified Trainer, FPDL-Romania Certified Trainer of Trainers in Ethnic Diversity Conflict Management and UNFPA Certified Social Skills Trainer. Professional focus on Organisational development and Training programmes.

Stephany Kostova

Bachelor of Psychology and European Public Administration and Master Degree of "Organisational and Social Psychology" at the New Bulgarian University. Professional interests on psychological research and its practical application in a real work environment, organisational diagnostics and group-dynamics trainings.


Dr. André Vermeulen

Dr. André Vermeulen is a founding member and CEO of Neuro-Link, a boutique consultancy specializing in the neuroscience of workplace learning. Brain-based learning and development, which over years has evolved into neuro-agility, has been his interest and passion for more than 27 years. André is the architect, developer and owner of the entrepreneurial neuroscience business partnering system of Neuro-Link, which creates business opportunities for hundreds of business entrepreneurs worldwide and adds value to thousands of people’s lives.


Combine Discounts and Get the BEST Price NOW!

+ 15% Early Bird Discount - up to 21.10.2022
+ 10% for Group Discount (2 + participants)
+ 5% for Students, Teachers and NGOs
+ free personal Neuro-Agility profile
+ Debrief session to discuss your personal results
+ 3 free additional NAP profiles to practice your skills with different people
+ A personal mentor who will support you during the entire training
+ Lots of literature, video materials, work manual
+ Involvement in our international community of practitioners.
+ Your submission in our section with Neuro-Agility practitioners!
+ Free repeat measurement with the Neuro-Agility profile, for you and each of your clients after a minimum of 6 months.
+ Deferred payment up to 3 installments

Contact us on one of the options listed to get the best price today!

Phone: +359 879 287 966
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If you are still not sure whether to participate in the certification training, order your personal Neuro-Agility Profile now and get your personal insights discovering the potential of Neuro-Agility Tool.

Become part of the Neuro-agility practitioners’ community in your region (Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus) and grow your professional expertise incorporating Neuroscience in your practice!

The certification course is conducted in a group of maximum 10 participants in order to ensure the quality of the training process. Reserve your place now!

FAQ - What else you should know?

1How long does the certification program take?
It is approximately 4 months, including self-learning, 4 webinars, practice with your buddy and your clients, supervision and help from your mentor, final exam and celebration!
2How can I pay?
You can pay in advance, taking advantage of all discounts we offer! Or to pay in 3 instalments during the period of the program.
3Where is the Neuro-Agility Practitioner Certificate recognized?
The certificate is recognized internationally in all locations around the world, where Neuro-Link has a representative office, including USA, South Africa, Europe, UAE, Latin America, China and Russia.
4How will I use the Neuro Agility tool after I get certified?
Based on the online platform for working with clients, through which a link to the tool is generated. Your customers fill it out, and you get their profiles. Then you arrange additional meetings for interpretation (debriefing), setting goals and developing a unique program - individual or group, based on their goals (professional and personal).
5Do I pay additionally for my clients to get their Neuro Agility profiles?
Yes, each profile is paid, and you have the opportunity to order the quantity you need. Payment is made through Katro Bulgaria and the prices for you as practitioners are preferential - 50% below the market price.
6How many clients could I recoup my investment from certification?
This will depend on the volume and scope in which you apply the tool. From our practice, when applying the tool with up to 30 clients, you will be able to recoup your investment in full.
7How big is the group?
The certification course is conducted in group of maximum 10 participants in order to ensure the quality of the training process and to be able to support every participant individually.
8Do I need to have a preliminary qualification or diploma?
It is not necessary or required, but since the certification training is specifically aimed at working with people in terms of their development - personal and professional - it is desirable minimal experience, knowledge and strong interest in this direction.
9In what language is the training conducted?
The training is conducted in Bulgarian or English, depending on the participants. The training materials are in English and are positioned in the international training platform of Neuro-Link. In the near future we hope to be able to provide training materials in Bulgarian.
10What is the certification process?
To obtain your Neuro-Agility Practitioner Certificate you need:
- to experience your individual profile;
- to make 3 real client profiles and debrief sessions (interpretation and development program) with them;
- to receive supervision of your debrief session from our Neuro-Agility Master Practitioner;
- go through all the modules in the online learning platform;
- to make a final test, which must be passed with a result of over 80%.
11What is the added value of the Neuro-Agility Practitioner Certificate?
- You are part of a large international community of practitioners;
- You have access to the latest information through Neuro Link;
- You have the support of other practitioners and Catro Bulgaria in difficult cases or large projects;
- Handle a tool that covers a person holistically - at the level of mind, psyche, body, habits, natural intelligence, propensity for various activities;
- You use one instrument - Neuro Agiltiy - instead of a combination of several others. Thus saves you time and money, and gives you holistic results;
- You receive knowledge and practical tools for the development of individual potential;
- You receive knowledge and practical tools for team development, their interaction, efficiency, overall well-being;
- You directly influence the happiness of the people and help them develop their potential, build resilience and balance in all important areas of their lives.
*CATRO Bulgaria is an authorized Strategic Business Partner of Neuro-Link International, Inc. and Neuro Link Europe.