How to terminate an employment contract with an employee? This is a question of organisational culture, which has direct impact on the atmosphere at the workplace, and on the image of the company as an employer.

An ineffectively executed outplacement process can result in feeling insecure within the company and can create negative climate among the remaining employees. It is also a factor that directly harms the so-called “psychological contract” between the employer and his/her employees – the unwritten rules of mutual trust and appreciation that are so strongly linked to the employees’ motivation.

At CATRO Bulgaria, we offer special outplacement support to facilitate that crucial for both: employee and employer process.

Responsible outplacement

The objective of the outplacement is to enable those employees affected by termination of their contracts to swiftly enter employment again through Counselling, courses and training. By providing professional outplacing, you can turn a difficult situation into a win-win situation for all involved including company management, human resources management, and above all, for the employees affected. In this delicate area, we promote individual counselling and long-term support program that are designed together with our customers, adapted to their specific needs. In addition, we offer training for those executives who handle the outplacement process.

The outplacement process can have positive side and with the expertise and practices that CATRO Bulgaria applies – every involved stakeholder can experience the change benefits and identify the upcoming opportunities.

Added value for your outplaced employees:

  • Development of career plans
  • Development of personalised job application strategy
  • Identification of individual job market strengths
  • Accelerated job search process
  • Increased chances for finding a suitable job position
  • Strengthened feeling of self-confidence

Added value for your company:

  • Positive influence over the organisational image - internally and externally
  • Minimised chances for negative media publicity negatively impacting everyone involved
  • Clear demonstration of positive organisational culture with emphasis on human value
  • Preservation of a positive working environment
  • Motivation enforcement for the remaining employees

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