The Employer brand representing the distinct corporate culture is that factor that differentiates you as an employer and shapes the perceptions of your employees.

Employer Branding is an overarching organisational phenomenon and could only be analysed, developed and improved if approached holistically. That is why, CATRO experts start exploring the Employer Brand of a company, following Simon Sinek’s Golden circle model. According to the author, successful companies and leaders communicate from the inside out – their behaviour is driven by the question WHY – why are they inspired by what they are doing? Starting with your WHY puts focus on values and beliefs which are at the heart of people engagement and identification with a company. Only when knowing your key drivers, you would be able to define in a distinguishing way WHAT exactly do you deliver and HOW do you bring added value to your customers and candidates on the market.

Building on that concept, CATRO Bulgaria explores systematically the various dimensions of the Employer brand using in its service portfolio instruments that develop better brand inside and outside of the organisation:

Value proposition workshop – strengthening the corporate identity inside the organisation

The main idea of the “Value Proposition Workshop” is to support the management team in identifying and realising the common organisational goals and values, mission and vision, and answer the question WHY? Why do they believe in the future of the company, what is their shared vision about the long-term development, what is the contribution of each team member or each department?

The workshop is realised in several steps, based on the method "Future Creating Workshop", developed in the 1970s by the Austrian journalist Robert Jungk. The creator’s basic concept for the method is that everyone is an expert in his/her own problems. The method brings together people who want to find an innovative and common solution to a particular issue, taking into consideration local factors and the global environment. Using this method for this particular workshop will enable the organisation to achieve long-term results. Our approach in planning and organising the Value Proposition workshop consists of the following elements:

“Icebreaking phase"

interactive exercises for participants to know each other better. The formation of a team from a group.

“Critique phase”

raising awareness and visualisation activities of the current situation, success factors, strategic goals and values of the company.

Phase "Creation of a desired future"

creating a vision for the company as an employer of choice at national and international level.

"Personal responsibility phase”

individual and teamwork for defining the individual contribution in order to achieve the desired future.

Employer branding diagnostic – strengthening the corporate identity outside the organisation

In the current dynamic workforce market, to be an employer of choice is a key indicator for success. CATRO Bulgaria experts believe that after the Value proposition workshop process has achieved its goal to establish the foundation of a distinctive corporate identity - a message from company has to be sent to the public. Here the employer branding service is coming into place as marketing tool especially, if you want to attract talents.

What the employer branding represents:

  • A long-term strategy establishing your organisational identity as an employer
  • Benchmark - differentiating your company from competitors on the labour market
  • An enhancement to the employee value proposition (EVP)

Who is it for?

  • Potential employees – to persuade more highly skilled and capable applicants to apply and accept offers
  • Current employees – to reduce turnover, to increase employees’ motivation and commitment and to align personal behaviour towards organisation needs
  • Customers – may know it is a good company to work for. Attracting employees to become your customers would make you benefit from so called “the double-hit effect”

How we do it?

Final Food for Thought

Are you aware of your organisational values and culture?

Have you defined a clear and inspirational Employee Value Proposition (EVP) aligned with your corporate mission, vision and values?

How do you implement this EVP in the organisational processes – recruitment, career path development, reward and remuneration practices, etc.?

Is your Employer brand recognised and valued by your employees?

Is your Employer brand attractive to new recruits?

If you are still searching for the answers of some of the questions above, our CATRO team will be happy to support you in exploring them and develop a strong Employer brand.